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Face of the ’Hood: The Lady Ivory, Andersonville

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The Lady Ivory

28, drag show host at @mosphere in Andersonville

How long have you been performing in drag?

My drag birthday is in April: It’ll be five years. I went to school for digital photography and I started shooting a lot of drag queens, and it seemed like something that could be fun to dabble in. But then I spent so much money on it when I started doing it! I was given some really incredible opportunities right out of the gate, so I stuck with it.

How would you describe the Lady Ivory?

I like to describe her as a little younger; I’m 28, and when I’m in drag I’m a little more carefree, more outgoing, more like I was in high school. She’s sexually fluid, fun, loud, kind of like a late-blossoming teenager. but we’re not that different, outside of a wig and a dress.

Tell us about your show at @mosphere.

It’s called Killer Babes, and it’s on every third Tuesday of the month at 10pm. We’ll be a year old in April. I think the best part is it doesn’t take itself too seriously; it matches up nicely that way with Andersonville, which is like Boystown’s low-key older sister. There are so many drag shows in Boystown, but we’re one of only [a few] in Andersonville. @mosphere opens at 6pm, and it has a lot of regulars who come in after work or before they go home—to wind down. We’re just starting to get to where they might stay out late.—Kris Vire

Time Out Chicago vol. 2 issue no. 7, March 8–June 6, 2017